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Havana Nights Cuban Dinner_old version

Havana Nights Cuban Dinner_old version
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Tue,Nov14 7:00 pm
9:00 pm
The music and food of Cuba has always fascinated me. I moved from Miami to Dallas ten years ago, but didn't lose my lose my love of cafe con leche, yuca, and salsa music. In 2015, I visited Havana, Cienfugeos, the Bay of Pigs, and Trinidad, Cuba and I can't wait to make second trip to the island. I look forward to sharing my love of Cuban food and culture with you!


Traditional Cuban plantains, twice fried until golden brown with a touch of sea salt. Curry mustard dipping sauce.

Arroz y frijoles con pollo

Main Dish
The national dish of Cuban: chicken, with mojo (garlic) sauce. White rice and black beans are cooked separately from the meat.

Yuca con mojo

Side Dish
Boiled yuca with mojo (garlic) sauce.

Guava Pastelitos, Dulce de leche meringue and Cuban coffee

Traditional cream cheese pastries with guava filling and dulce de leche meringue, accompanied by Cuban fair trade espresso. Pastelitos and dulce de leche meringue from Cuban Dulceria International Bakery in Carrollton.

Dominoes & Cuban salsa music listening

Dominoes might be the national game of Cuba. You will see groups playing after dinner in the parks and the around the dining room table. We will play a few games while sipping our cafe con leche and listening to Cuban salsa.
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